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Need high-speed for your business? We work with high-level representatives at Comcast, AT&T and other providers to get these services installed correctly and in a timely manner. If your business is remote, we may be able to find you business-class service through our network of providers.

If you're looking for high-speed internet for your home or business, you may have heard of Clear® WiMAX.  Clear is high-speed (up to 7Mbps) internet that goes where you go, because it's served up wirelessly to your modem by a nation-wide network of 4G wireless towers.

A variety of modems are available to match your setup, and we have refurbished units in stock at half-price.  We also have the very-popular laptop model.

Try Clear® and see why it's becoming a big player around the country! It's fast, it's cheap, and it goes where you go.

We're also providing the traditional dial-up service over your land line.  At $17.50 a month, this service is great for people who mostly browse and e-mail and are looking for something a bit less expensive.  It's also the only service available in many remote areas.  You do need a telephone line at your home for this service.