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Computer Pro Service Pack

The Computer Pro Service Pack is a "solution in a sack."  It's designed to address (at an affordable price) all the common computing needs we usually find when we start talking to a new client.  And add-ons can customize the package to meet your needs.

For $60/month, you'll get:

A Presence on the Web

  • Your own domain name (i.e. mycompany.com)
  • A "billboard" (1-page*) web site to match your logo - a great start, designed by a professional, that can be expanded and customized as your needs change
  • 3 e-mail boxes (i.e. theboss@mycompany.com)
IT Services
  • A 10% discount on our professional on-site and remote maintainence services
  • Enterprise-quality Antivirus and Online Backup installed on 2 computers
  • Professional consultation regarding purchasing
Add-ons Include:

* The prices listed are for "regular" web pages, built with text and images you provide. We are a full-service web design shop, and can provide graphic design, modern interactive elements, Joomla! and WordPress sites, e-commerce design, database-savvy sites and more. Check out our web design area for more information.