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Does your business or organization need a better web site?  These days, being poorly represented by your web site is even worse than not being in the phone book.  Let us help!

Our web designer has been making web sites since the 90's, and is also an experienced programmer.  We can make you anything from a simple business-card website for a few hundred dollars to a powerful e-commerce site with thousands of products and pages.  Whether you have an exact specification or nothing at all, we'll get you on the web.

A good web site is no use to you if it never gets seen, and search engine optimization and advertising strategy are  an important part of every web site we build - we want you to be seen, and we've taken big Houston-area clients to #1 on Google.

We do graphic design in house, so whether your business is so new you haven't got a logo, or you're looking for someone to match your existing branding, rest assured.

We can custom-build sites and web applications, or design modern Web 2.0 sites with bells and whistles on a budget. We do re-designs as well as ongoing maintenance.  We are PHP and CSS experts, and are comfortable, for instance, upgrading or creating custom Joomla and Drupal themes. We also do our own site photography.

Examples of our recent work:

  • JohnsonGT Truck Accessories and Parts - www.johnsongt.com
    - A very complex project, featuring a 1,000-item store, a lot of custom code, and complete design work
  • Mainstreet Suites - www.mainstreet-suites.com
    - A hotel site put together for less than $800, features all-original photo and design work
  • Oakwood Kennels - www.oakwoodkennels.com
    - An example of a "business card" site designed as part of the Computer Pro Service Pack; this is a good example of a modern, web 2.0 site delivered on a budget
  • Saylor Safe & Lock - www.saylorsafe.com
    - Custom-coded to exactly match the client's existing design documents - a very tough task!
  • Roy Head Music - www.royheadmusic.com
    - Check out the work of musician Roy Head! Behind the scenes, this site is almost all code with limited graphics, which makes it quick to load and pretty tough to put together.

Maintenance Sites of Interest

  • Family Fitness - www.family-fitness.com
    - This site is an example of a traditional web page that's been brought into the Web 2.0 era on a budget. A lot of hand-code and design work went into first recreating the site, and then making improvements the management wanted to see.
  • Scott's BBQ - www.scottsbbq.com
    - A Joomla site we improved using custom code
  • Dermacare of Lake Jackson - www.dermacareoflj.com
    - A behind-the-scenes rebuild, some design work, and search optimization strategy quickly got this client into the top 3 on Google
  • Lonestar Antique Maps - www.lonestarantiquemaps.com
    - This is an example of site recovery work. The entire site was rebuilt from code using materials recovered from several sources.
  • Johnston's Sport Fishing - www.johnstonssportfishing.com
    - This site looked good, but was doing poorly in the search rankings. Behind-the-scenes changes got them in the top 10 within a week! Aesthetic and technical changes to the site turned a nice design into an engine for their business.

Supported Tools:

HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, ASP.NET, PHP, Perl,
Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, FrontPage, etc.

A Note from our Lead Designer

"I hope looking at our portfolio gives you an idea of what we can do. I've been designing web sites since the mid-1990's, and I love helping businesses climb their way up the search ladder. I hand-code most of my sites because the tools out there just don't offer the level of control I know I need to get things 'just so.'

The internet is a competitive place, search engines have largely replaced the Yellow Pages, and getting to the top is a real challenge. I hope you'll count on me and my team to get your web site running, highly-ranked, and looking great."

- Pete Burkindine, Webmaster